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  • 30 Proven cover templates that engage. These templates are the results of studying over 1,200 of the best social media covers and spending the equivalent of $15,000 in design work to create.
  • Built in contact manager system Once you create a cover, you can also track who you've contacted, who contacted you, what you've done for the client, and much more.

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Bonus #1

Unlimited Lead Capture System

I hope for you to face the following problem - having a hundred businesses who want to pay you to design their social covers. On one hand, this means you're in the money. But on the other hand, it is a nightmare to manage all of these different clients.

Who has paid you but still needs covers done? Who have you already completed covers for? Who is about to pay you but hasn't yet? And so on.

Normally this task would fall on you to figure out and track, using complicated spreadsheets or expensive third party software.

Yet, when you sign up for Social Covers, you get a full on client management system built-in and designed specifically to be used with Social Covers.

Note: This bonus is immediately available when you sign up today.

Value: $900.00

Bonus #2

12 Done For You Designed Web Pages

It's hard to be taken seriously if you don't have a professional looking website. More important though is if you have a website, you want it to generate you paying clients in an automated fashion.

Enter this special bonus which does all that and more.

In a few clicks you'll have a website live that is designed specifically to get you clients for Social Covers. You can customize the site to your heart's content. Think of it as a web page builder as good as any of those other expensive ones on the market - but made specifically for you to get paying customers for your Social Covers business.

Yes, for free and in seconds you'll have a fully functional website live on the Internet, that makes you look like a pro and makes sales for you.

Note: This bonus is immediately available when you sign up today.

Value: $750.00

Bonus #3

Unlimited Social Automation Posting

One social cover doesn't cut it, unless a business loves leaving money on the table. The best thing you can do for your clients is to give them several different social covers that you update for them based on certain dates, holidays, or other events.

Problem! That would be a lot of manual work on your part. So we've automated it for you. Even better is we make it feel to your clients as if you are working really long and hard on their behalf, going the extra mile for them, meaning they are excited to keep paying you month in and month out even though you did the work once and the rest was fully automated.

Setting up automation is simple. You choose a cover set and pick a date and it will notify your client each time their Social Cover is updated!

Note: This bonus is immediately available when you sign up today.

Value: $620.00

Bonus #4

Done For You Biz Contacting for first 20 businesses

Provide the names and address of 20 businesses you'd like to sell Social Covers to, then sit back as all the research for those companies is done for you.

Better still... a customized, 5-step email contact sequence will be created for these businesses, branded with your contact information. Then, these sequences will be deployed for you, with all the tracking so you can see who is opening the communications and who is responding.

When a company does respond, you will be connected to that company in real time, so you can make the money right there on the spot, if you wish.

Yes, we've figured out everything to put you on the path to very fast success with Social Covers!

Note: This bonus is immediately available when you sign up today.

Value: $2000.00

Bonus #5

3 Done For You 10x Social Cover Sets

Dentists, Veterinarians and Pest Control - three types of businesses that can massively benefit from having the right Social Covers.

So we're going to give you a full years worth of covers specifically designed for those three industries. All you have to do is add contact details and (if you wish) a logo and you're done.

Yes, in a few minutes you'll have 10 different social covers for a dentist, so you can sell a years worth of covers to any dentist you wish. Same with a veterinarian. Same with a pest control company.

Yes, in a few minutes you can have social covers for a dentist automatically set up to update based on the time of year to massively upgrade their social presence. You could sell these sets for an easy $299/month per client all day long.

Note: This bonus is immediately available when you sign up today.

Value: $1500.00

Bonus #6

The COVID Call w/ David Sprague & Jason Fladlien

For the first time ever, these two great marketing minds will do a live webinar training session together to speak about the unprecedented opportunity you have for using Social Covers during COVID-19.

In fact, now is the best time ever to profit with Social Covers, due to these unique times we live in - and we'll show you how.

You can attend this training live if you wish as we will stay and answer all your important questions - but if you can't make it, no sweat as we will also record it and send it to you when it's done, so you can reference it whenever you wish.

Note: This bonus will be delivered via a live webinar (and recorded) on August 25th, 2020 at 2:30PM Pacific (Los Angeles time). You will be automatically registered to attend the webinar via Zoom, and will later receive access to the recording as well.

Value: $3125.00

Bonus #7

The COVID Covers (Five never-before-seen covers)

Another first of its kind bonus. We are commissioning brand new Social Covers to directly address the types of information customers want to know right now, as they try to figure out how to shop in a COVID-19 world.

You will be the first to be able to use these covers, and not only will it make profiting from Social Covers even easier -- you'll also be helping a lot of people and doing good in the world. A true win-win-win scenario.

Note: This bonus will be available to you on August 31, 2020.

Value: $2500.00

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$297 for 12 Months Unlimited Access
*This UNLIMITED Option Will Never Be Offered Again